A Cesspool of Hate

In my last blog post I spoke of a “sea of bodies” that we’re wading through. That was in light of the recent terror attacks around the world (Turkey, Pakistan, Paris, Orlando, etc.). It was infuriating to me that the world blew off the Iraqi, Turkish, and Pakistani attacks. Equally maddening is the cesspool of … Continue reading “A Cesspool of Hate”

A Sea of Bodies

I’m struggling today. There is a sea of bodies surrounding all of us, but it’s largely been ignored. I don’t even know how far back I have to go to start counting the bodies. Is it Columbine? The eradication of Native Americans? Neanderthals? No matter where these tragedies occur, the sea of bodies are still collecting, forming … Continue reading “A Sea of Bodies”

Safe Spaces

It occurred to me at some point along my journey that people need safe spaces–places where they’re able to remove their mask and be fully themselves. Living in the wilderness of north eastern Minnesota has its perks. The wildlife is beyond incredible! This morning I was gazing out my picture window watching the deer feeding … Continue reading “Safe Spaces”

Fear Is A Bitch.

A friend posed a question for a group of us to think on the other day. Existential angst. A Western luxury? My answer to the group was that anxiety isn’t a ‘luxury’ by any means, but it’s certainly prevalent throughout the Western culture. That got me thinking, “Why is anxiety so common?” It doesn’t take a … Continue reading “Fear Is A Bitch.”

God In A Box

Preface: I’m not the easiest person to get to know. There’s a lot that goes into that–I’m introverted, I’m analytical, and I’m a critical thinker. To get to know me typically means that I’m getting to know you first. I’m establishing a base in which to work from. That doesn’t mean that I’m judging you exactly; … Continue reading “God In A Box”

The Wagon Trail

It occurred to me the other day that I’ve been writing about “finding community.” There’s a feeling that comes when you find yourself alone; one that’s raw, numbing, and yet leaves you confidently satisfied. I’ve never been more secure in my beliefs than I am in this moment. My journey has led me to research … Continue reading “The Wagon Trail”

Adding to the Noise

You may have noticed that I haven’t been nearly as active with my blog posts. A lot of that has to do with the passing holiday season. Ours wasn’t quite as chaotic as we’ve been accustomed to. This was our first time to spend our holidays 1200 miles from “home.” We missed getting to see … Continue reading “Adding to the Noise”

Red-Letter Story

In my past life, I was a Worship Pastor. A lot has changed since then, but my love for music hasn’t. I just finished writing a song (video & lyrics below) about this journey, and I want to share it with you. I gave away all of my recording equipment when I started this journey, … Continue reading “Red-Letter Story”

Line in The Sand

I’m grieving today. To be honest, I’ve been grieving for a while, but today and yesterday are different. Jesus followers — especially American — are divided. It’s no longer a Baptist vs. Methodist, Catholic vs. Lutheran, or Assembly of God vs. Church of God rift. It’s now Jesus vs. America. As Jesus followers, we don’t … Continue reading “Line in The Sand”