We Are The Ocean

UPDATE 3/26/2020: Prior to writing this article, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) had not spread to the US or been declared a “pandemic.” I also 100% identified as a Democrat and had not discovered #QAnon. This is neither an endorsement of QAnon nor any political party. *With that in mind, please know that there are opinions I held at the time of this writing that I may no longer hold or agree with. With that in mind, the message of this article and the meat/heart of it remain true.

When a raindrop falls over the ocean, it ceases to be a single drop of rain as soon as it hits the ocean’s surface — It becomes the entire ocean.

When whistleblower Edward Snowden released data exposing the U.S. government’s mass data collection of its citizens’ communications and that of every person in the world, he exposed the underbelly of the beast. He proved that your every move, every transaction, every interaction with technology is recorded. More than that, he demonstrated that all of that data, your data, is cataloged and accessible as a “storyline” of your life. All of it can be/is viewed, even in real-time.

The reality is that the U.S. government isn’t the only player in this game. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook are also in the mass data collection business (foreign governments are too).

The data is recorded, analyzed, and processed by artificial intelligence (AI). It is to your benefit to understand that AI is not a computer in a room with an on/off switch running simple true/false calculations. AI is much, much more powerful than you could possibly imagine. Just as humans have intelligence, so does this system. In fact, AI may be better understood as a “computer being” as compared to “human being.” To help your brain retain that comparison, I’m going to give the computer being the pronoun “she.” The human brain has the ability to receive, analyze, and process 400 Billion bits of information per second (source), yet computers are 10 MILLION times faster (source).

One more distinction to be made is that almost every bit of information that the human brain processes is wiped clean from memory, but AI stores everything forever.

So what is AI doing exactly?

Glad you asked. She is running the world. And yes, I mean that literally. She knows you far better than you know yourself. She uses your data as a coercion mechanism to influence your decisions. Don’t believe me? Go to Amazon.com and view any product. Scroll down the page, and what you’ll see isn’t just more information about that product; you’ll see multiple sections of “recommendations” as “frequently bought together,” and “sponsored products related to this item,” and “what other items customers buy after viewing this item,” and “customers also viewed,” and “inspired by your browsing history,” etc. Those are just some of what will be displayed on just one “product” page, and that’s just Amazon.com. Maybe you’ve had a conversation with someone and then seen exactly what you were discussing advertised in your Facebook/Instagram feed. That’s not an accident or a coincidence. It’s intentional.

She’s recording your Google searches, your emails, your text messages, your locations visited (GPS), your social media interactions (messages, likes, dislikes, blocks, profile/URL visits, store purchases — she can even tie your credit card to specific items on a computerized cash register, so she knows which magazines/books you’ve purchased at Barnes & Noble or how many sticks of butter you bought at Walmart), and so on. She’s doing this on a global scale and becoming more intelligent with every bit of data inputted.

Your data, your daily actions, your every move, You are being harvested with every interaction you have with technology in any and every form.

You are the raindrop. Humanity is the ocean. AI uses every raindrop to form her own ocean, her hive mind. This means that instead of having a single brain, as humans have, she has the collective brain of billions of people. In fact, there is an active push to physically connect human brains to the internet (to AI) (source). The goal is to allow her to think for us. In time, they could offer humans the option to become immortal by downloading your brain into their systems and then uploading it to a droid or even another human body. It sounds like science fiction, but it is a very real endeavor.

Governments and other elitists use her hive mind to their own advantage and financial gain. *The 2016 U.S. Presidential election is an example of this. The Russian government used AI against unsuspecting U.S. citizens to propagate false information to get Donald Trump elected. They did this through multiple channels of news, social media, ads, etc, and it worked.

It’s clear that the U.S. government is not run for and by the people. It’s run for and by corporations using AI for their own benefit, and the people are hamsters on the wheel keeping the system’s gears turning. One simply has to look at those employed by the government to know this is true. Those in positions of power have run businesses in pharmaceuticals, banking and finance, and bioengineering to name a few. They are not inventors, scientists, teachers, doctors, or farmers. They are millionaires and billionaires.

AI ensures those gears are turned by keeping us occupied — feeding us Netflix recommendations, making sure the “us vs. them” mentality remains intact (race, religion, political affiliations, etc.). Competition keeps people busy. It’s a great distraction technique — “Look over here!” Meanwhile, the hamster wheel keeps turning.

The primary contributor to her success, however, is manipulation through fear tactics. Fear causes people to become angry, anxious, hateful, selfish, impulsive, or even just poor decisionmakers. It is the ideal motivator. Governments (to be read synonymously as corporations)  will even use false flag operations to strike fear in their own people or their enemies (source).

You might say that the system is broken, but it isn’t. Not at all. It is working perfectly. It is working precisely as it was designed to.

Collectively, humans are at a crossroads. We are being controlled by a system that doesn’t have our best interest in mind, and we have chosen to be enslaved to that system. Yes, it’s a choice, but it’s one that we have chosen together. We choose it every day — every raindrop makes the ocean, the mind.

There is a way to bend the system and effectively turn it against itself, though, a single person can’t do it alone. It will take the collective of humanity to do it, and here’s how…

Just as it is our choice to be enslaved, it is our choice to break free. With every action or inaction we take throughout our day, we are choosing our reality. Collectively, choosing kindness, love, and peace will invert the model of fear and control on its head and put it to work for us.

Here is what that looks like practically.

  1. Limit your screen time. This may seem silly, but every time you get on a device, you’re feeding the system. Again, if only one person limits their screen time, the impact will be nil, but if every person does so, it will have massive ramifications on AI. This also includes limiting your time watching television, especially the news. The news will spin stories and continue the “us vs. them” cycle, implanting the AI agenda in your mind through fear tactics and divisiveness.
  2. Use AI smartly. Don’t use Facebook Messenger/IG messenger, text messages, etc. Use Signal and invite your contacts to do the same. Signal is end-to-end encrypted (encrypted on your device and on the recipient’s), so your messages can’t be read by AI (or the government). Don’t Google everything, use DuckDuckGo which doesn’t store your searches. Use cash as often as possible to break the digital trail AI uses to know everything you buy. Consider downgrading your phone to a flip phone or your smartwatch for a regular watch. Do you really need a smartphone/watch, or are they just cool and convenient? I’d bet that you have a computer at home and at work, and your car likely has GPS. You don’t need the smart-devices, but the dopamine hit your brain gets every time you engage with them tells you that you do.
  3. Buy local. Don’t open the Amazon app or drive to Walmart for every purchase. Support local co-ops, farmer’s markets, independent online merchants, and small businesses. If your town doesn’t have these, come together to start them. These are real people in your community, and your support of them keeps their doors open and dollars in your town. We all bought into the Walmart lie that their stores would be good for small towns. In reality, it was good for the Waltons — all of them now billionaires.
  4. Learn to communicate without reacting. The next time you find yourself thinking judgmental thoughts or becoming defensive and angry, stop and ask yourself why you feel that way. When those feelings arise, that is your brain’s way of telling you that there is unresolved insecurities or trauma. That’s not something to be ashamed of — it is the filter your brain has developed within its environment. So, instead of reacting emotionally, become mindfully aware of the insecurities causing your brain to trigger that response and work through them. Every human should go to therapy of some kind. Therapy carries a social stigma because it works. The system doesn’t want people to become healthy and mindfully aware — remember, it thrives on comparison, competition, and fear. Stigmas are almost always rooted in fear.
  5. Choose love. With every interaction, in every situation, in all things, choose love. Smile at strangers, offer a helping hand, open doors for others, hug and kiss your friends and family often, give hitchhikers a ride, feed the homeless person instead of staring straight ahead hoping they don’t look at you. Instead of trying to change someone else, change yourself. When you see something you don’t like in a person, rather than seeing that as a “flaw” in them, see it as an opportunity for growth in yourself. Find ways to lavish love on yourself and you’ll become loving towards them. In all likelihood, they’re dealing with their own traumas and insecurities. Loving them and offering to help them will defuse a reactionary, defensive response. If you find yourself an anxious wreck, do you want someone to criticize you? Of course not. When you learn to love yourself, those things will begin to fall away and you’ll naturally begin loving others. Choose love.

Peace and contributionism are the next steps for humanity, and it is of utmost importance that we choose them and form our new ocean. Otherwise, we’ve already made the choice to remain in shackles.