About David Dietz


I am married to Lindsey Dietz, and I have two amazing kids, Ryan and Addilyn (Addie). We’re nestled up in the wilderness of the North Shore of Minnesota. I’m working for a local organic food company, serving as their Systems Administrator (local geek).

I was born and raised in the great state of Texas in a Godly Christian pastor’s home. I am one of four kids, all of whom have served in full-time ministry at some point. I started at an early age leading students in worship. Later, I served as the Worship Pastor of a church. I was in this church for two years when God began shaking things up… a lot.

This website is where you’ll discover how I’ve changed, and you’ll learn why I believe the way I do now.

Please feel free to leave your comments, ask questions, or seek my opinions regarding personal matters (I am not a licensed counselor). Ultimately, I want you to know that you’re loved, you’re valuable, and your voice matters.

My desire is to see this be a place where everyone feels safe to be themselves. I don’t care if you’re an atheist, agnostic, Muslim, Christian, LGBTQ, straight, red, yellow, black, or white. Those are things either we can’t change, or we’re all learning our way through.

You’re what matters. You’re important to me, and I want to get to know you.

Please reach out to me anytime, for any reason!

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